Moondance Music Forms: 

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Ceremony Music:

      Have you ever been to a ceremony and wondered what was being said?  Wouldn't it be nice to hear the nuptials and the exchange of vows?   You won't have to wonder if Moondance Music provides a sound system.  We work had at making your special day one that  your guest can remember and hear!

Moondance Music DJ's believe that your Wedding day is one of the most important days of your life.   We help you get the most out of the day by providing you with free consultations, planning sheets and phone support.  Wedding reception planning and coordination of your event, helps to make your day all that it can be.  We are willing to go the extra mile to make your reception a great time for all.   


Personalized Messaging

         Personalized messaging is the very best way to deliver a pre-recorded message to your new spouse during the Bridal Dance or your parents Your during the Father-daughter or Mother-Son Dance,  or virtually anyone else you may want to honor.   We assist you in pre-recording your message. seam the message into your special song and provide you with three complimentary copies.  On your Wedding day your pre-recorded personalized message may just surprise your special someone.  Make an appointment or call for more details!

Your Name in lights!

        We can provide your names and the date of your wedding in lights!  We project the image on a  wall, the dance floor. the ceiling or wherever we find it best!  It is a great feature and part of our packages.

       We treat each reception as if it were our own.  We provide professional DJ/MC's  because your reception is that important to us.  We include our basic lighting package in our prices.  Lighting includes, LED, Laser and Halogen lighting.  It is state of the art and adds a nice sense of elegance to your affair.     Our DJ's are set up and playing atmosphere music before your first guest arrives. (unless otherwise specified).  Using a nice selection of jazz, oldies and standards and contemporary ballads, our volume is adjusted for comfortable listening.   Of course, you can give us your ideas and we will work  to make your day fit your dreams.  We know that it is more important to talk with friends and family, so we keep the volume to an easy listening level until it is time to dance!  We wait until the time is right...... When you are ready to dance we transition our music and get the party start!ed!  

          We can provide music for your Wedding service in a park, a gazebo, your back yard or your place of worship.   Appropriate music begins 15 minutes prior to your service.   We do our best to provide the very best service at all Weddings.  You can help by ensuring that all your paperworks reaches us a minimum of 1 month prior to your Wedding date.  We will gladly accept requests at that time but can not always fill requests after that.  If you have a question please call us at 585-426-7564.